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Care Home Fire Safety Training Edinburgh Fife Residential Care home fire training glasgow Scotland
Duration        1 hour 30 minutes.


Location        Your Premises

Facilities        A quiet room is required with an electrical power socket. All course material is provided


Dates             Contact us for availability

​Times             Morning or afternoon

Cost               £290 (for up to 10 members of staff)​

                        i.e. £29 per session

Award           A Certificate is awarded - Fire Safety Training for Residential Care Homes                       ​



Course overview: This Residential Care Home fire safety training course is designed to provide all care home staff with an all round level of understanding of fire safety in a residential care home and to carry out their role of the Fire Warden or Fire Marshal safely during a fire evacuation or in the event of a real fire​. The approved fire safety trainer provides powerpoint, video and question sheets to ensure all staff understand their responsibilities.                                               


Care home fire safety training includes;



  • The previous fire risk assessment significant findings.

  • How to identify, remove, reduce and manage the hazards.

  • How to prevent a fire from starting – The fire triangle.

         * What are the sources of ignition?

          * Identifying the ignition sources.

  • What is a fire safety hazard?

  • Correct storage of oxygen.

  • Recording the assessment and making a plan.

  • Reviewing and adapting the plan.

  • Person centered planning for the elderly and infirm.

  • Personnel emergency evacuation planning (PEEP) for all service users.

  • Action on the event of fire.

  • Evacuation methods.

  • Planning and training for evacuation.

  • Fire Drills.

  • Fire procedures including reduced staffing levels at night.

  • Fire protection and alarm activated devices.

  • Importance of the fire doors.

  • Lateral evacuation of residents.

  • Smoke – the silent killer.                                                                                                                         



********* Add On - Practical Fire Extinguisher Course  **********




for only £100 (maximum of 10 students)



Live fire extinguisher practical training can be added to the Care Home course for a maximum of 10 staff for only £80. Allow an extra 30 minutes to complete this component.


A 5m x 5m external space is​ required ​ ​at your ​​premises to operate the fire extinguishers on the live fire training rig - about 3 car parking spaces in size. Hands-on fire extinguisher training on a Live fire - Class A, Electrical Ignitions and Class F will be carried out for participants. Certificates of attendance for staff are produced on the successful completion of the course.


The Enviroment               

The propane gas enviromentaly friendly fire training rig leaves no residue mess and

produces no smoke. We support  ISO 14001.


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Fire training in fife residential care homes

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