Buy Monnex, Lithium L2, Alkali M28 Fire Extinguishers for sale in Edinburgh Scotland.

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Buy Monnex, Lithium L2 Metal Fire, Alkali M28 Fire Extinguishers for sale Edinburgh Scotland

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Monnex Fire Extinguisher - Class B and C fires

Invented by ICI, our 9kg Monnex fire extinguisher is ideal for fuel depots, motor racing events, airports and any flammable liquid store where fast knock-down of flames is essential. Monnex really is mega-powered. We recommend training for this extinguisher to make the most of its abilities.
Suitable for motor racing, fuel depots, offshore, airports, heliports

Lithium & Metal Fires - Class D Fires

The 9kg L2 fire extinguisher is the leading Class D metal fire extinguisher as, unlike M28, it also fights lithium fires. Its special low velocity applicator will prevent the burning powder or swarf from being spread. We recommend training for this extinguisher.

Suitable for laboratories and engineering workshops
Types of fire Class D (burning metal fires) including lithium


Alkali & Metal Fires - Class D Fires

The 9 kg M28 fire extinguisher is a Sodium Chloride based specialist dry powder fire extinguisher particularly effective on fires involving alkali metals such as potassium, magnesium and aluminium. M28 is not suitable for Lithium  fires where a Lithium L2 specialist fire extinguisher should be used. POA





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Fire extinguisher sales

Terms and conditions.​​

  • Prices - The quoted prices are for quality CE stamped and  BS EN3 British Kite-Marked fire extinguishers which are boxed & secured in the original manufacturers transport packaging.

  • Delivery of the fire extinguisher(s) - Standard delivery tariff is for a distance within the 50 miles radius of Edinburgh. Therefore if you are within the Glasgow - Perth - Berwick upon Tweed - Galasheils  area then the standard delivery charge will apply. The cost is currently £8.00 per extinguisher. Phone to confirm on the first instance - 0131 663 3804.

  • ​ Commissioning of the fire extinguisher - British Standard requires that the commissioning of the fire extinguisher must  be carried out by a competent person before the fire extinguisher is located in it's designated place and at the time immediately when the new fire extinguisher is de-boxed. Reference - BS 5306-1:2009 (4)1.​​Commissioning cost is £5.50 per extinguisher. ​​
  • Installation - For full compliance, British Standards requires that the fire extinguisher  is to be wall mounted on a brackets or mounted on a suitable stand. Standard wall mounting installation is £5.50 per extinguisher (bracket included) single and double extinguisher stands can be supplied on request.​​

Practical Fire Extinguisher Training  + Fire Warden Training - £32.00 per. Your premises, based on 10 per class.​​

Includes 'Live Fire Training' on   

Class A, B, C  and Electrical Fires.


Fire Warden & Fire Marshal Training £20.00 per member of staff.        

Your premises, based on 12 per class.​​

Includes 'Live Fire Training' on   

Class A, B, C  and Electrical Fires.


Professional Fire Risk Assessment  carried out from as little as £220. -

throughout Scotland & N. England.


Fire Extinguishers Serviced at a Fixed Price of £5.50 per appliance.

throughout Scotland.


Phone: - 0131 663 3804

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