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Fire Scotland Ltd.

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Fire Risk Assessment.










If requesting further information on Fire Risk Assessment please give details of the following to speed up the reply time.


Type of premises you wish to be assessed ​​e.g. office, shop, factory etc

  • How many buildings are to be assessed on your site e.g. is it just one or are there a separate workshop or storage facility etc.

  • How many floors does the premises cover e.g. is it on the ground, 1st floor and basement levels or just one level

  • Approximate size of the premises e.g. if your workplace is approximately 10 metres long x 10 metres wide  then it is about 100 metres squared etc.

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Fire Warden and Extinguisher Training

A quiet room with a power supply and a light coloured wall or smart TV is all that's required - paper notes are provided.


If booking Fire warden with practical fire extinguisher use;-  an ordinary outside space in a lane or a couple of car park spaces is required to operate the extinguishers.


If booking Fire Warden with Live Fire Extinguisher Practical Training;-

  • ​Ensure your premises has an outside space of 5 m x 5m  or so to operate the live fire rig and portable fire extinguishers.​

  • Ensure your staff have sensible clothes on for the practical training.

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