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Fire Safety Training Courses Edinburgh Glasgow & Fife Basic Fire Safety Refresher Training, Induction in Scotland

 Fire Scotland free fire safety courses Edinburgh, the Glasgow fire safety Induction training course Edinburgh and Glasgow fire safety refresher training courses Edinburgh all over Scotland

Remember, Fire Scotland will carry out the basic fire safety courses, the fire safety Induction training course and fire safety refresher training courses all over Scotland whether you are located in Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Glasgow, Fife, Stirling or Livingston. Just phone for a suitable date or e-mail us at



Fire Scotland is your local Fire Safety Training Provider. We pride ourselves on producing quality, industry leading fire safety training courses that are relevant to your workplace. Our Fire Induction Training, Basic Fire Safety Training and Fire Safety Refresher Training Courses are carried out at your workplace for your convenience and can be completed in around 1 hour with a Certificate of Training for all the staff members who participate. A must for record keeping.

The Fire Safety Training is delivered in a cost efficient effective manner reducing staff "down time" to an absolute minimum. So whether your workplace is an an office, shop, nursing home, factory or church - we have the right fire safety course for you.

Times and dates are flexible so phone or drop us an e-mail for for more information or to book a mutually convenient date.               ​


Basic Fire Safety Training Edinburgh, Fire Safety Induction Training Edinburgh, Glasgow Fire Safety Refresher Training Edinburgh. Glasgow
Fire Safety Induction Training in Edinburgh, Glasgow Scotland.
Fire extinguisher training in edinburgh practical live fire extinguisher training in Glasgow Scotland
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